6 Steps to Better Sleep

Your Instructor: Melissa Deally

We were born with an ability to sleep, and as such we’ve never been taught to sleep….however in today’s world there are so many factors that are negatively impact our ability to get deep, restful sleep and we don’t realize it, due to lack of education on HOW to get deep, restful sleep. Well that all ends here! This course teaches you how to prepare for your body and brain for restful sleep, as well as how to best set up your bedroom, and bed for maximum comfort. It also addresses many other factors, such as WHY sleep is so important for your long term health, as I hope that will motivate you to implement the steps. In addition there is content on timing of eating, what you eat, the impact of alcohol, as well as tips for countering jetlag, plus the danger of driving on too little sleep. For those of your who’d like a little extra accountability around implementing new habits over 30 days after completing this course, you have the option to add on access to the app, that will allow you to track your sleep, and communicate with me as your accountability partner during that time, as you master your new sleep habits, and start waking up feeling rested each day! This course is self directed and can be done whenever it is convenient for you to get started. Remember, there is never a “perfect” time to start, so I suggest you get started today!

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