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Your Instructor: Robyn Lessley-Zaval

Who am I? Well my name is Robyn Lessley and I am a Strategic Intervention, Empowerment, and Relationship Coach and a lover of people. I wrote this book because I see the desperate need for some clarity on how to attract the ideal person into your life but not only to attract them, but to create the most amazing relationship out there but by staying who you are deep down in your core.

I have worked with the public for just about my entire life in the service industry, mostly as a bartender and as a beauty salon owner, and I have seen many people get in and out of relationships. I have heard the complaints and the frustrations from hundreds if not thousands of men and women.

I have also spent most of my adult life learning about what makes people tick. I have had the privilege to go to four Anthony Robbins events, two of these events as a crew member. At those events, Anthony Robbins, has people dig deep into their core and to find where the pain and frustrations come from in life and how to overcome those so people can live to their fullest potential from their happiest self. The goal in life is to be happy. Intimate and romantic relationships are often difficult to figure out because you are dealing with two people at their most vulnerable place, intimacy and love.

I have learned so much about what it takes to fulfill a person and specifically, what it takes to have a fulfilling relationship. I became a Strategic Intervention Coach through the Robbins Madanes Training, which takes the teachings of Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes and it breaks them down step by step.

I am very excited to bring this course to you. It has a lot of my personal experiences and my own mistakes throughout this course. I can be blunt and possibly offending in parts, but I am being real and that is what you need. I believe that you will learn a great deal on the pages to come. Be open to change and be willing to do the work and you too can ignite a passionate love that you have always dreamed about.

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