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Dr Joyce Martella

7:00 pm EDT/12:00 am BST / 9:00 am AEDT

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About This Course

Live Coaching for Trauma Transformation

You may have come here because you have experienced trauma, in your own life and you want to find new tools to help you heal.

You might be here because you have a loved one who has experienced trauma and you want to understand how trauma impacts an individual and ways to support your loved one..

You also might be here because you are a coach or therapist who is looking for new methods to help individuals with trauma.

No matter what brings you here this will be a safe place for you to talk, to process and to find a new path to help you transform trauma.

I am excited to share my experience, my education and my own journey to heal my own complex trauma.

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Dr Joyce Martella

Course Schedule

7:00 pm EDT/12:00 am BST / 9:00 am AEDT

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